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How Psychological Safety Drives Innovation

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About Daniela Landherr

Daniela Landherr is an executive coach who guides leaders to create a human space amplifying psychological safety at workplaces in order to empower people to make meaningful contributions in their organizations. As the former Head of Talent Engagement at Google based in EMEA, Daniela and her organization elaborated what it takes to engage talent and she coached and developed leaders in transforming work cultures to inspire and drive cutting-edge innovation. 
Daniela obtained a Master in Change from INSEAD and completed an Executive Leadership Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She works with partners across various industries and academia in fields of building trust at work through trigger and energy management, building effective teams as well as engaging communication at scale.
Outside her own business, Daniela coaches executives pursuing the embaX at the ETH and HSG universities, lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich at the EMBA in Digital Leadership, serves on several boards and delivers inspiring keynotes and leadership trainings internationally.
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"Every business is a
people business"

Daniela Landherr

Daniela Landherr as an
Executive Coach

What if the most critical change within any organizational change is within the leaders? In order to transform cultures, Daniela coaches executives and senior leaders in driving change from the core to build empowered work cultures at scale.

During this tailored coaching journey, Daniela guides leaders who have a fierce desire to develop themselves and grow in order to make a meaningful, positive and lasting contribution dealing with higher complexities in their environments impacting organizational change at scale.
As Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. This tailored group coaching journey guides leaders to grow together, to co-create and design organizational change at scale.
As part of this program, you will go on a deeper journey to build cognizance about yourself and your role in the world. These retreats include travel and multiple days adventuring in remote places.

Daniela Landherr as a
Keynote Speaker

Daniela Landherr is a passionate and radiant keynote speaker at conferences and company events who loves to inspire and engage an audience.

Insights on what makes up Google’s work culture based on the 7 principles of innovation which help develop products, organizations and the business. Daniela uncovers research conducted at Google about what keeps Google employees engaged and what role leaders play building an equitable growth environment.

We all fail. Daniela provides insights on why failure is not the opposite of success, and why persistence is not the only key ingredient to success. She elaborates how our response to failure creates patterns that not only impact our lives, but the entire work culture and the success of businesses.

What makes an effective team? Daniela reveals insights about research conducted at Google over the course of two years and what role trust and psychological safety play in building effective teams that drive impact for the business and positively influence the company culture.

Being an inclusive leader takes courage. Daring to lead through crisis reveals patterns from our childhood that often define who we are as leaders today. Daniela shares learnings and insights on leading with curiosity and vulnerability to build engaged and strong trust environments.

Technology has become an important tool to augment the human experience. But we often forget that it’s not only technology that stands behind “new work”, it’s people and how we work with each other in the new reality since people have shifted to work more flexibly. Daniela shares insights and learnings from 15 years of remote and hybrid work experience and how building a strong virtual culture is crucial.

Daniela Landherr as a
trainer and workshop leader

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Leaning on this saying by Benjamin Franklin, Daniela leads trainings and workshops mostly applying experiential learning and reflective development.

During this guided training, Daniela safely guides leaders to explore and experience various work dynamics and environments and trains them to design and amplify psychological safety in the workplace, at scale.
What if your energy and response to challenging situations determined the culture of your team, would you lead differently? During this training, Daniela guides leaders to explore the impact they have on others based on their energy and how they can learn to design a desired outcome.
Cognizance is one of the greatest gifts, and it’s the achilles heel of a leader. Daniela guides leaders through this journey of discovery of self and the impact leaders have on their environment.
Diversity has become a priority for many organizations. However, with more diversity on teams there is an increased likelihood of complexity and conflict. How do organizations create a culture that thrives with higher complexity and diversity? Daniela Landherr shares insights on how we tend to make hiring decisions, how these decisions impact organizational culture and team effectiveness, and why understanding our own biases is a key skill to develop in order to create a culture that thrives in higher complexity.
This training is built on team and peer feedback, revealing blindspots and providing the opportunity for a leadership team to amplify psychological safety within the group in order to build a structure that supports candid and respectful feedback that drives growth, development and effectiveness.

Delighted to have leaders representing these organizations, among others, joining the journey to create

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